Monday, June 14, 2010

Write ( Right)

give me a reason to love you. or bet yet give me a few not to. I'd rather extend my most vulnerable being than to live in regret of not loving him. and to think he is me in reverse. backwards, and inside out.. so what else more could i not ask for. what more should i ask for. and they say that the destiny of your ancestors becomes your dreams an yet i just hope my dreams are not deferred. and that the mis education of blacks does not become the ignorance of all... falling victim to generational misguided curses, focused on the lack of life priorities than life stability.. it has left countless children with no sense of family. and yet i am willing to throw my emotions away for the hope that faith lives in the true beauty of love. and not in the heavens and clouds that everyone says they are on. or wishes to climb too.

and so i write. and so i write my soul and bleed this love for words that express me in ways i cannot even equate at times. and so in this corner, between these lines. with the stroke of each letter is where my heaven and hope and faith live... and the power of my wonder to express this beauty... believing that what i write.. i right into existence.. powering my vision into living.. and these words of dreams become reality... and so i write. and i love. and i have faith.. an i live. with each day a more promising step for completion... and thats why i am. Me.
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  1. I love it :) U have a very unique way of expressing urself. Good Read!