Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Hampshire: Day 3

I wonder what would I have preferred if I didn't know anything but. What would life be like if I were only contained within my box. Seeing everything as different and wrong, different and right, or just different.

Stuck with the reality of an illusion. Simply put the illusion of my reality being an illusion. Its much more difficult for us to not appreciate the meaning of existence. Rather than to attempt to weigh each moment on a scale of life's fuck ups and attempts. Or on your ego's should have and wish I didn't.

Its a shame that we always want to think hopeful and positive when reflecting on the possibilities of life being so much different on the other side of the fence. But what about the simple pleasures within our own realities. The things we continue to take for granted yet are quickly yearning when snatched away.

The idea of culture being so ingrained into our daily activities. into our lifestyle. Our language. Our conversation and demeanor among others. How it subtly dictates our dress and walk, and the way we interact.

Culture has become to natural that its obsolete until met with discourse, difference, or understanding. We have become so in tune with our likeness of each other that we don't appreciate our difference in the same light.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere you will soon find yourself. When surrounded by strangers you will eventually make a friend. And when left to roam the lands, one will eventually plant a seed. It is innate for us to unite and grow. In every sense of the words. We just have yet to recognize this potential, and utilize this power.

We live with so much effort, that we forget to sometimes just flow with time. That outside connections, worldly topics, multimedia vibrations, and technology can all be distractions. The mere interruptions of the best interactions available: the union of life and breath. Culture and expression. Words and thought. Action and compassion. Justice and practice. Freedom and existence. We must learn to see with our eyes closed. Thinking outside of shapes. And expanding our selves as beings. Most of all remembering it starts within.

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  1. Ur writing is very thought provoking. I def agree technology is and can be distraction. We aren't seeing the world fact we are seeing the word in a wordly manner. Reducing life 2 our experiences and not fully tapping into our real potential. It's always a pleasure 2 stop by here.