Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One of my fav write from last year...

sHE slept left from right besides him. kept his ego warm and clothes pressed. fed his appetite and any request. his mold was painted gold despite his imperfections.

sHE praised for his company and presence. yet the glory was too soon. opened heart for love, but received less than a friend.

sHE was willing and able. she gave, but what did she receive?steps, far away from self in order to meet him. expectations uplifted by reputation. but he couldn't keep them. and the way, the walk, the distance became greater.overwhelmed by new emotions turned sweet, yet eventually ended sour. mercy and grace carried her soul. faith and hope guided her heart. things will never be the same.

things will never be the same. scarred by genuine concern. bruised by mistake to trust feelings supplied through relief. sustained with thought that positive will come. but things will always be different.

now sHE was taken to a world that pushed her faith to the fullest. her spiritual connect to some limits. and bouncing back, the journey seems forgiven. but never forgotten.he took her heart and smashed victory on her emotions. caressed her body with devilish thoughts, yet claimed holiness.

he kept her in a belief that change is possible. one day. but to late became too soon. he used his powers to infiltrate her thoughts. and left her in fear of love.

but with hope she healed. and with determination love will return.her GOD has never failed her yet

bitter sweet

Tick tock.. Circling time. I am watching souls search for sanity, dast tracks to destinations. Forward bound. Sitting in the airport.. Waiting for my flight. Thinking about yet another trip home.. Bittersweet. My fortune cookie said yesterday that- if I am generous this week- it will come back to me next week. I believe in stacking karma! Do you!? I got a free flight today, confirmation I made it to an interview to teach in New Orleans.. Yet I just can't wait to see my family. One brother will be transfered soon... And the other will be locked up soon after.. Moms and me are going to ride out 2010 together! What are you thankful for??? Bittersweet momements are still a necessary part of life..stack yall karma!!