Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 25th Kat

Today is my running dog @kattypee 25th's a lil somethimg to make you laugh. .

1) Hahah remember that time you left your phone on my car when we left NY heading bk to ATL. My moms tried. To mail it to us, but it was detroyed!

2) I KNOW you remember when the fight broke out between the crips/bloods, and I told you to duck! Run! And go outside!
3)And oh boy I know you remember the time you and rita fought that chick at the club! Why the hell did I not go out that nite! I had to have been in rochester.

4) And well this one is funny- chik f la parking lot- jimmy carter-the rest I will keep your secret!

5) Or how about the other week when you left all your car windows down and sunroof open! And it stormed so bad the next morning I barely made it to work ! Thank god the maintainence man loves you and woke you up! Your car was soaked!

6) Thanksgiving 2008, rode out with me to Savannah. Hung with all my crazy family. And boy did we eat! The first time you have sum deer meat! And good ole uncle bill's mac n cheese! Heart attack! But I'd die for that! ( Bringing you some sunday!)

7) Here's a good one. That Easter we made a basket for Soni. Went over the house, and rita ran outside. And soni flipped! Crying! Lol. You never were good with crying babies,but boy does she love you ( cuz u spoil her rotten)

8) nina- ur ace. That puppy used to go everywhere with us in your purse. I remember you broug her to the museum when I work at emory, and let her n around! With no leash! Lmao.

9) This past winter- when you tried your first weave! Man o man! That sew in had you bitching and moaning for 4 long days! Thank god it was semi/free. Lmao.

10) Took you 4 ( I mite be wrong! ) Years to finally get your tat finished! Ofcourse you chose miya! But your wimpy butt whining didn't get any color! No more back tats for u! Lol.

11) Don't let me scream "roach" you will go running ! Hahah I like to trick you sometimes.

12) My 21st bday, u and rita got my that hotel room! And we -the goofy chicks we are- went and jumped on the beds and had a pillow fight! Til we all fell outta breath. That's was when things were carefree.

13) Or when you and rita went to the braves game! Had so much fun yall didn't take marta home. So I came to get yall! And we took a whole photoshoot of pics while driving!

14). Or that one time we went to meet Ali at atlantic station when Heed played at Tin Pin. And instead we went behind parked the car, and danced to Selena all night! Talking to all the strangers, having a party at the car!

15) Your last birthday party, the pool party got live. So live you prolly don't remember. Lmao.

16) Aunty kat to all my brother's kids! Oh gee the horror and excitement! So good. They seem to love you! And u onlly visit once a year. Haha - let alone our God Mommy Days with Sonali! She come back with icecream , candy and a new toy messing with you!

17) I wonder what your going to be for Halloween this year. Considering last year you were a playboy bunny, and the year before that a bumbble bee. No one still beats my hamburgular outfit! So on point!

18) And how you call my momma on mothers day before I get a chance! She cursed me out and say- kat beat u to the punch! Lol

19) when you did your harriet tubman thing, and escaped from canada.that was funny. We partied hard fr my bday! Popped that Ace of Spades and made that long drive back to Atl from NY!

20) Or when you left your chloe shades at the pool! Gone within 20 mins! I bet you won't wear another pair of expensive shades to the pool ever again! So absent minded. Lol.

21) Thanks for showing up to my third graduation! Oxford,Emory, and AmeriCorps. Haha. You were feeling yourself a lil bit yall made it and met everyone!

22) Don't let anyone take you out to eat! And you choose ribs! You could be eating with obama! And your would have bbq sauce all over ur fingers! Gotta love it tho! We never too bougie! Lmao.

23) Road DOG! Text from our rooms.lmao. Ahaha and have a conversation across the hallway. Even this morning 630am. Wall to wall on facebook! We used to go ham on fbook in college. On your "old" page. Lmao.



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  1. Cherish those moments as u already have u never no what can happen. Sound like ya'll have a great friendship. Blessed Day!