Monday, June 21, 2010

My Summer Journey

So I have been traveling for the past month. My job with AmeriCorps ended and I had a few weeks before my next gig, so I spent some time in Savannah visiting family.

In Savannah, I got slapped in the face by some 100 degree weather. Laid out on the beach. Danced and sang with my friends- thanks Kat. Had a good midnight walk with a buddy. And laid out at the park- tanned in 30 mins! Most of all I slept some of the best rest I had all year.
So from Savannah I drove back to Atlanta for Kat's. (@kattypee) bday dinner... And a few days before my long drive to NY! Nothing like driving 16 hours. Stopped to see my homie 'K. Reese in Nati and then made it to the Roc (Rottenchester) by dark.

Was good seeing the family. I can never stay in Rochester more than 4 days though, before boredom sets in. Saw both my brothers kids (both sets of twins) and even visited my brother who is locked down for a second. Good to see everyone! Eat some good food.

Now I'm in New Hampshire for this summer gig. The drive up here was crazy. I am not used to driving up hills and mountains. So going through Vermont was stupid dumb. Especially seeing Knights of Columbus, fuck the police, and no ethnic people anywhere. Still have yet to meet any... Go figure. Though everyone has been really nice. The campus I am teaching at is beautiful! Lake side, on the coast. I am looking forward to experience something new. Living care free in the woods for a bit. And making some new connections!

Til then....
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