Wednesday, June 30, 2010

By Now

Where would we be by now

Walking out
You glanced
Your eyes met mine with silence
We both starred.
Our first meeting
You were alive, again.
As your assumptions greeted confirmations
I sat waiting for you to speak a word
Slowly lingering from each movement of your tongue.
You were alive, again.
Breathing a different air.
Next to mine
We kissed with our breath.
As we both said hello.
Not once did your eyes stray.
I was caught.

We met minds on paper before this.
Made love between lines
Constrained and separated
In different locations
Yet intertwined
We were selling our souls
With each letter.
Hoping to meet passion
Face to face.

Way before you licked
The stamp.
The envelope.
Before you found my existence.
And ascribed your thoughts in desperation
For a voice.
I know we crossed paths twice before.
In another lifetime.
Our souls just weren't present
Our hearts weren't open
Our minds had yet to greet each other
With curiosity.

And where would we be
If all things were different
Woven on trust in the consistency of each movement
Honesty has become a game of ask and tell
Truth and dares are sealed within each anticipated letter
And if left to long
Ink grows fonder
Throwing away "please don't write me" anymore
Having scribed "I'm mad at you"
a thousand times with my heart
All because a holiday delayed our love.

We, you and i
Making pages echo
So that others around read with envy
a prize possession
Everyone soaks in our beauty
Mail time becomes literary orgy's
That I don't mind.

Let us drift to free space
Travel the world through images and scents.
My photographic memory
Sealed within fragments
For each day you have served
Our love will last another
Writing volumes
Exchanging vowels and consonants
We have created our own alphabet
Dictated by emotions.

But nothing compares to that single moment.
When eyes touch
Silence with presence
Name to face
Soul to soul
We stood speechless
For every letter wrote
Now meant nothing.
Yet everything.

And so what If I could break you away
For we have already spent time removing obstacles
Ganesh like-
Would things change?
How would we vocalize our love?
Giving life to letters, who now see death?
Warm smiles met with envelopes
Now greeted with hugs and hold me.
What would we become?
If the mail man quit delivering hope?
And your ink ran out of motivation
If things were so much different
What's the chances we would be too.

I'd rather things remain
And I fall in love with the alphabet over and over
Or have flashbacks of your smile
How we crossed the universe
To inhale next to each other.
And with each silent moment
I can feel you
Next to me.

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  1. Whn u hav real luv thats what it feels like. The words become that much powerful when apart, ur imagination so vivid when apart. I luv it: Good Read!