Sunday, June 20, 2010

the dedication

The dedication

Loving in him, loving them. Them
Beauty in life. Death. Beginnings and change. Expression
Seeing. Strength in hope,faith,and unity. Finding reasons. Finding
Believing reasons.finding peace. Making peace. Appreciation
Recognize the invisible. And erase the forseen. Dreaming into reality
Escalating above standards, setting standards, breaking limits. Expecting.
Settling for progress in achieving success. Change is good. Necessary
Carrying for the self I see in people, envisions of prosperity. Manifested
Hunble beginnings allows room for tears, risks and default. Mistake smake examples.
Experiences done twice before have made accomplishments worth treasuring.
Values. Moral.s manners, and unwritten microscripts make up my soul.
Literary powers of educational prizes of life changing knowledge.
Pricesless desires I claim with strokes. Poems. Words. Prayer
Weak minded propel my intellengence through question and practice.
Loving him through she has given me heart. Bleeding everydeay. Human.
Friends renamed family define my development. With influence.
Penmanship changes and styel growth, but words remain. Vivid. My void.
Untouchable, attempts to grasp the untouchable,casue confusion. Trial and error. Life.
Dedication, rememberance, appreciation for time that allows me to fluctuate.
Between thoughts, conception, fantasy, and reality. Words. The art.
Ability to manipulate lines into emotions for all.yet mostly. Me
Art work. His art work. Their art of working life through. Working on life through words.
And life is working on me. Working through me in words.
The dedication
The art dedicated to the art of being the future. Promising.tru realist are built on hope.

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