Saturday, June 5, 2010


I remember some of my first dedications to you. The way I would tell you all my convictions. Lay down all my fantasies, dreams, and desires. You were my little secret. it was some years ago we crossed paths. And now I can never imagine my life without you. I crumble at the slightest blackout, I fall to my knees when my mind goes blank. Incapable of putting inspiration into reality, and possibility into steps of obtaining. I questioned your absence far more than I have ever questioned your existence. Until now. These days and months where I formulate my next steps. Congratulating myself and friends on creating works of art. Impressive works that touch souls, tap hearts, and tug on emotions. Where does that leave me. Smiling. By this time, next anniversary I would have you sitting permanent next to me. In a formulated style, with a nice jacket to cover my unpolished diamond. More like the clam to my pearl. You will be handcrafted. A prize possession. My book.
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