Friday, June 11, 2010

In love ( with poetry)

You've got me.
You've got me open so wide,
I can see the world between.
Like purity.
You've got me.
And its so serene.

Feels like understanding, and compassion. Taste like mango,guava, and papaya.
You are tropical.
Dangling from tree tops,
You are there, omniscient,
Yet not seen.
You have me willing.

Melting inside at the tap of your fingertips.
Melodies of how black (ink) hits white so eloquently.
You have me gone.
To a place I never wanted to visit. Pleasure never ends feeling good as it started.

Your flexibility bends my mind,
Tying my body in knots around your ego.
I am her and she.
Waiting for your words to make love to my ears.
Your letters caress my pages.
And your paragraphs hold me at night.
You have me, right where you want me.
I promise I won't ever leave.

You could spend time with another,
Leave your emotions with others,
Drop your desires at their footsteps.
But you know where home is.
You know where your heart lies.

Where your pen strokes and movements feel best.
You know
That you have me.
Rite where you desire.
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  1. I loved it. Beautiful expression of true love.