Monday, May 10, 2010

AmeriCorps: My Service Legacy

We do not choose to be born.

We do not choose our parents,

Or our times or country of birth,

Or the circumstances of our upbringing.

We do not—most of us—choose to die

But within all this realm of choicelessness

We do choose how we shall live—

Courageously or in cowardice,

Honorably or dishonorably,

With purpose or adrift.

We decide what is important and what is trivial

What makes us significant is what we do,

Or refuse to do.

We decide and we choose

And so we give definition to ourselves.

By Joseph Epstein


Within my two years of service I've had the opportunity to participate in a multitude of projects, volunteering, tutoring, mentoring, or assisting with community events. Though each year has brought an array of different responsibilities, friendships, and goals, overall I have accomplished the same task of providing a positive impact on students today to help them become leaders of tomorrow.

The poem above highlights the importance of taking ownership over the choices we make and the opportunities that come our way. This year I had the opportunity to educated three young ladies on this philosophy. We started an After School Program at Price Middle School aimed to help eighth grades find themselves, accept the person they find, but most importantly love the person they are. The program focused on character development, self love, enrichment on womanly issues, and preparation for the next step which is high school. The program was offered to ten eighth grade young ladies who exemplified a need for mentorship, a push for excellence, and a desire to do better. Even though only three students showed the first day and faithfully continue to come, we couldn't have asked for a better group.

With the help of a friend, Black Positive Image, and their "You Don't Know My Story" campaign, we branded the program by the same title. The campaign focuses on recognizing that everyone has a story worth telling, that we are never alone in our battles in life. Essentially what are our struggles can be a learning lesson for the next person. We extended this campaign to the fellow woman to share their story to compile for the ladies in After School.

 Our first activity included making "I AM" journals. This is a collage of things, images, words, and colors that describe who you are and thus becomes a cover for a composition notebook. The ladies were given thought provoking, inspiration, or tough topics to write about every day. In addition to the various writing assignments, we bought each girl a copy of Run Away Girl by Ayanna Molina. Run Away Girl describes the trials and tribulations while being led astray by lack of self confidence and the desire to chase love in the wrong places. We had the pleasure of having the author visit with the girls as they asked her grueling questions about her story. The culminating piece this year will be our end of the year celebration. On this day we will be presenting the ladies with the book that we made, a book bag stuffed with things to carry them on through journey to womanhood, and most importantly a day to celebrate their growth.

Joseph Epstein said "Within all this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we shall live." It is critical that we all realize the power of now. I hope through this year my student have realized they are in control of their present and ultimately their future. The circumstances of their past can only determine how they make conscious decision in the future and with healthy support they can achieve anything they desire. My service legacy has been planting this seed in their hearts and this conviction in their minds.




Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are all born with LOVE in our genes
Passion running through our veins
Joy within our SOUL
Instinct within our SELF

We are all walking Memorials
Celebrating Existence
Worshipping each Inhale and Exhale
Powerful Beings of Change

ALL growing from same Mama Earth
Waters by her Nutrients
Nurtured by her Grace and Patience
Becoming Our SELF Through her HOPE
We are all of ONE.

Living Subconsciously with Ease.
We all have the WILL to redefine succeed.
All born with love in our genes
Celebrating existence
Nurtured by grace
We are all of
It is
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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Your consistency increases my growth, the desire to learn to love in every sense , the right way. Your presence is proof that leaving, is a last minute resort. And only use for cowards who fail to battle patience. Small gestures and simple thoughts remind me that I am not too far nor foreign from love. Our mere exchange of knectic energy sparks inspiration with every encounter. You are the need I didn't want.

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I am so unsure of myself
that I question every piece of you.
What if I am the catalyst,
not the constant.
Yet failing to see
Your love has
Always remained.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We lived
You loved
I cared
We Shared
Time connected through eternal greatness
We created
Built a comfort space within our souls to take vacations
We were
Perfect. Almost to much alike.
Enjoyed each others faults as greatness.

Yet we lived.
You love.
I cared.
We Shared
We Became.
Joined by intertwined stress and dreams.
We bridged a fantasy together of all our defeats to leave behind.
Our new beginning lied in our hearts, first. then our minds.
We were in love with loving each other.

Buts its crazy how life hits.
And you just live.
You love.
I cared.
And we bonded.
Became so close departure left sores on my soul.
Split our separate ways,
My deception ruined your goals
And the love never remained the same.
Truth is...
I cared.
But life

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Monday, May 3, 2010


Tattooed images of you
Hang beneath my eyelids
Every night
I dream new begins
Flash back old memories
Replay the best seconds
Of my life
Within the blink of an eye.
You are always with me.
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I am her.
Questioning your mere existence
I have gotten lost in each moment
Analyzing every connection
I am losing sight of us.
Conjoined through mental stimulation
Sucking ego dry and
Making desire whole.
Serenity with each sentence.
Humility with your speech.
Yet, your fingers tip toe on my fortress
Attempting to still find a place to nestle.
You are an illusion.
A mirage.
False pretensions
To Show me what it should really be like
After you.
And yet I am stuck
In the now
Enjoying every second
Feeling guilty.
That smiles never leave.
And I question your mere existence
Before me.
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