Friday, June 11, 2010

ENERGY: words are subjective

Over the past few weeks I've had e opportunity to exchange some powerful energy. I fell in love with words as young as I could manipulate their meanings and stances. My ability to master dance on paper goes far beyond my desire to just realize stress and need to release it. . It is a burning fire within me.

I just read this piece from Jerome Dickens on his blog this morning. This is only an excerpt. Each line is heavy. Each sentences holds so much weight that is subjective. The meaning of all literary works should be subjective. I hope you can take this and brand your own depth. As I have.

Jerome Dickens
Twitter: JeromeDickens

Excerpt from "Leaving"

So here's to turning the pages of a book because you have to and being reminded why you want to write, being reminded of the POWER of words. Here's to the pages that you read then re-read, then re-read again. Here's to still standing. Here's to having a choice and exercising the freedoms, we're afforded. Here's to a family, that actually makes me feel at home. Here's to constructing a perfect little world, then being surprised when you find yourself enjoying seeing it torn apart. Here's to building up something new and watching it sway rhythmically in the breeze and knowing that it will. Here's to new worlds and fresh fields ahead of you. Here's to the center and the edge, to stretching out your arms and grabbing both at once. Here's to old acquaintances being forgotten. Here's to a view that takes your breath away, even more so if that view isn't man made. Here's to not only having your expectations met, but having them exceeded. Here's to fighting what you know you have to and fanning the flames for everything else. Here's to telling people where to find you. Here's to being unashamed. Here's to worrying over what you want and finding it when you're not. Here's to crumbs in the carpet and stains on your shirts. Here's to the perfect time that always passes and then waits to be reclaimed. Here's to intelligence and language rejecting abbreviation. Here's to doing it all for myself. Here's to faltering, but being aware and wiser. Here's to the image being pure to the point of horror. Here's to shining the light where it hurts. Here's to good art. The kind made by other people. The kind that opens you up and helps you understand.

Here's to coming down off your cross.

Here's to the dreams.

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