Thursday, June 17, 2010

side walk strokes


documenting cycles of life
on paper with ink filled emotions
new to the art of me
paintbrush strokes of images sweet like u
framing words into hugs and kisses for me,
expressing the art passionately,
scenario similar to the past
all but perfectly
except this hope
unwritten conclusion
will seem to end differently...
confirm the illusion of feelings masked
by innocent
matched with innocence
leaving temptation and fear
masters of destruction
and love way to far behind
with this new found ammunition
with old wants for such end to the reign of lonely living
ready for attack I stand
bulls eye
on my chest
targeted for all u have to give to me
wishing no harm on either soul
jus imprints mentally
detaching my leaving from existence
maneuvering my linguistics to include u in every sentence
and happy after it
flipping back pages of past entries
rewriting poems to include
the second coming
yet I never had thought of such ever occurring
and so these words work perfectly
creating dreams from misery
only to rework mysteriously...
and so u have read pages inside
leaving me speechless and blank
and we write chapters alike
connecting us despite whatever road we may take
continuing to scribe words on my mind
with your inner heart
I have found solace in your sun set
even when its dark
attempting to document this moment
in more than a text message
capture this feeling
from more than u will ever believe me
wishing u understood all u are teaching me
and so I stand wide open
for comfort
setting barriers for pain
ignoring I am leaving
wishing u here
not far and between
on a distant land walking on the red sea
streaming the city
searching for artistic influence
ready to adapt words
attach emotions and feelings
documenting your history
all I hope is it includes me.
Ever after....
and happy.
Listening to Donuts

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