Friday, June 4, 2010


Silenced beyond words
Speechless to the concept of forever
Its never touched me close
Hands extended attempting to understand
Yet I can never grasp it

Within every experience
I can imagine
In Preparation for everlasting beginnings
its a cycle of nows
Chasing between and because
Only to find answers withing my questions
why,When, And how?

I have no words for you. death.
Living at the end of every thought.
Existing before possibility
The definition of certainty.
I have no emotions for you.
Completing the rebirth of existence.

Your Self less
Yet cognitive
A Harsh fate of my imagination but Real
Truth hidden within a mirage of lies
Eternal vacation
Your misunderstood
With every attempt
You aim to conquer those around me.
Tredding waters
I walk away
Removed from emotion
With nothing but answers within my questions
By the only thing constant.
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