Monday, February 8, 2010

today is my born day

Today is my birthday! 2010 has been a year of focus and constant reflection. My investments in myself have definitely been showing in these last few months. January was a long month, it seemed like my days at work would never end. And yet every day I find something to laugh about, debate about, and question with rational. I think ima play it low key this birthday. i really miss my brothers. their presence and spirit are in transition and i must except that. I really need to get some touch ups on my tats by Melvin Todd at City of Ink (check his blog to… its bananas, or oranges if you prefer those.) And add to my back… hopefully I can do both soon… And I really want to just go bowling and crack jokes with a gang of folks. Another day, another dollar. Thankful for my freedom. My family. My insight. im thankful to have friends that remind me of my worht when i sometime forget. lol. its soo much going on in reality.. i seem to get lost in thew daze of my dreams... thank u for reading this year.. and being apart of my valleys and mountains..

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