Wednesday, February 10, 2010

burning desire...

There is a burn in my soul. Silently I succumb to my bodies desire to release. a burn in my soul to let all the wounds, emotions, spirals of thoughts, and consciousness exhale. The itch supersedes any real life priority, expectation, or circumstance. It simply is the continuation of each breath. Moments of time captures in frames, second by second… I explode, having lost pieces of myself. Yet gained something even more valuable. Trembling, shaking with confusion, I no longer want to feel the need. Addicted to the concept of letting each letter roll of my tongue, drip down my heart and dive into my chi, only to infect every inch. An addict. Without movement, without expression…without visual thought. I believe I would perish. Soak into the concrete of every limit, every rule, every law created to redefine the meaning of life. I would crumble, into piece so small I would never be able to identify myself. It seems for with my attempts to catalog my presence, it simply only furthers my questioning. My desire to get free from addiction, only entices exploration. A wonder so great, and powerful, must be stopped. Calculating each move, I want to end this craving for more. Yet it’s strength increases exponentially. Constantly reaching a new high. Facing days alone, seeking block, and withdrawal. Profound blessings always come home. Thus the burn continues. Waking me in my sleep. Scratching at the doors of anxious creation and this is why I write.

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