Thursday, February 4, 2010

Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement

The other day I sat in a training on developing your personal mission statement. Whether it is one sentence, three paragraphs or a one page essay. It is crucial for not only professional development, but personal growth that one takes the time to invest in a personal mission statement. Now, your statement should change as you grow as a person... and as your interest and goals change… so please make sure you do one every 6 months to a year at least. It will help you focus, tune in on your life, and really access whether your actions are aligned with your goals.

Mission Statement: formal short written statement of the purpose of an organization, that should help guide, spell out it overall goal, and provide a sense of direction, and path for decision making.

YOUR mission statement should include your purpose, inputs, outcomes, and what will be obtained. Think about how you want to brand yourself. What perception does other have of you? And what is the perception you want them to have? Where is the reality with in both? What are your values, what is important for your stability and grounding in life? Combine all these aspects into something eloquent, portraying nothing but what you posses and aim to accomplish. Learn to manipulate perception with words, and reality... Allow others to mold an image that will keep you thriving and thus that you can sustain.

I will post mine soon... stay tuned... I have several for various purposes...

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