Thursday, February 11, 2010

Planning and Preparing for your GOALS

Thursdays this month my focus has been development...whether professional or life skills. Last Thursday I posted about the importance of knowing your purpose and being able to vocalize or write your mission statement. Today, I am going to keep building on this and touch on the value of walking through and writing down your goals in life. I’m sure many have heard that writing things helps to actualize them, which I too believe. In addition everything needs planning and preparation. We have desires for many things in this world. But are we always ready to receive them when they come??? How prepared are you to receive that big career boost or change, a free ride to continue your education, a soul mate, or move to a new city or state. Have you actually thought about what you would say or do if someone presented you with all your desires?

So in short why is it important to work on your goals?
• Writing them helps you think about your priorities
• Plan to accomplish
• Preparation for when the goal is achieve… Before/After.
• A reminder and point of focus…
• Find purpose in others, assistance in achieving your goals.

So let’s try this out... grab some paper... and get to thinking, writing, planning, and preparing for a successful life.

•Long term goals (10 years)
•Short-term goals (5)
•Immediate goals (6 months to a year)
•What is the most important? (3)
•What could get in my way?
o List some obstacles to accomplishing your goals
•What actions do I take to meet my goals?
o What resources will I need?
•Who can help me?
o List family members, friends, coworkers who can help you meet your goals
•When do I start?
•Write down a kickoff date for taking action, Indicate when you hope to accomplish the goal: Start date and End Date

Types of Goals
•Career Goals
o Getting a promotion
o Reach a certain professional level
o Learn a new job skill
o Complete a project in a specific amount time
•Financial Goals
o Earn certain amount of money in a specific time
o Get rid of debt
o Set up an investment plan
•Educational Goals
o Earn credits towards a degree
o Take adult education class
o Advance your education
•Health and Fitness Goals
o Work out three or four times a week
o Join a health club
o Have an annual checkup
o Quit smoking
o Eat nutritious food
•Community Involvement
o Volunteer with a specific organization
•Aim for greater Self-Understanding
o Work to become less anxious, jealous, or insecure.
o Meet new people and make new friends
o Personal self improvement goals
•Spiritual Growth
o Set aside time to think about what matters spiritually,
o What keeps you elevated, content, and stable through tough times
•Leisure Time
o Relax more
o Plan a trip
o Make time for a hobby
o Make time for self

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