Monday, February 22, 2010

Shine Bright.

You told me once that you used to write. Always trying to say I get my gift from you. Yet it’s puzzling how much you have never read any of my work. Still I know that you can feel the depths of my soul. Something a mother’s touch and intuition just knows. it’s one kinds of job that doesn’t come with instructions on how to maintain your emotions as your children live. As life hits, and as the struggles of your years become ours. I wonder what the thoughts are tracing paths on your mind. Whether this day is something of beauty, or something of fault. Too long have you blamed yourself for our shortcomings, which you fail to see your success. We are all breathing healthy. The years have brought us to treasure each other, and cherish even the arguments. Though we are separated by circumstance, we are unified in divine alignment. I know it burns your heart that your sun’s sit locked down by fractions of time, cell blocks, bars and mental barriers. But I also know you will find piece in their transition. And know you were always presenting us with the truth of our evils. And so you too should be reminded of your victory. It’s always easier to shed light on darkness. Than to allow light to illuminate and stand alone. Shine Bright. You always said you couldn’t wait until we left…so take advantage of this day. Just remember we are never to far away.

Happy Born Day Momma.

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