Friday, February 12, 2010

Guest Showcase: J'Aimmee aka iTmeans_iLOVE(twitter)

Twitter: iTmeans_iLOVE
Bio: Simply complex and unique. Never stumbling from the wounds of the world. Trendsetter. Urban go getter. Spreads energy to each space.

Branded by Disgrace

She was branded by disgrace
A young woman whose life didn't match her face
Whose life didn't match the face.
The façade.
She was branded by disgrace,
The back of her shoulders burned
With the marks of common fate.
Her back and her shoulders weighed down by
All God's missing grace
God missed her, so she left Him
And he, he took her.
He took her life with every blow to her face,
With every thrust below her waist,
With every tear poured out her face...
And she grew, lifeless.
She was branded with HIS disgrace.
Face and lips, no hips and lips
Hips and Fist...her face, his fist.
Bruised, broken, battered, torn
BRANDED...with his fist
And with his lips...with Disgrace.
And he left her lifeless, with just a face
A façade; a lifeless mirage.
And through all this, all she wanted to know was...
When he took her shattered innocence
For braze and barren offering
Where was God?
When, even though she was told she was beautiful,
He showed her, her beauty wasn't enough?
Where was God when his lust
Left her in shattered shreds of innocence
Shattered, shredded, innocent.
Bruised, branded, disgraced.
A lifeless body, a pretty face.
Covered by a façade
A glowing smile and bright eyes
A confident strut with her head held high.
A million questions in her mind
And she never inquired "why?"
But better yet "where?"
Through all these trials, she asked me, Where?
Where was God?
She asked me and I told her.
You see, He was right there.
Every time, He was standing right there...right here
See He was there that day
Pulling on the strings that brought up the sun in the sky
On that one beautiful morning, where for once,
She didn't have to cry.
He was the one pulling on the side of her lips,
So that even through all her strife,
She could continue to bless the world with her smile.
He was there...when somebody else chose to ask her why?
When someone else saw her cry.
When her story changed all those lives...
The whole time he was right there...
Waiting for her to open her eyes
To realize...
That, yes, she was branded by disgrace.
But only so through her life
She could brand others with His grace.

- J. A. Louis

Reflection: there is purpose in every thing. Find the meaning and purpose in your life. Aim high. Reach beyond the scope of your hands. Do expect things to come easy, and instead be willing to work for it. You are only as strong as the pillars holding you up… remember your system can be faulting if your foundation is weak. Realize that you cant do it alone… do not walk blinded.

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