Monday, February 15, 2010

The Amerikkkan Life

Ahhhh... I want to say i wrote this in 2007... rewind.

The Amerikkan Life

To my brothas
My mothers
The men women
They dont scream spare me
They cry liberate me
From the daily
Struggle to survive
The Amerikkkan life

Those political prisoners
Captured due to the
Governments inabilities to compromise
To sacrifice
Power in hopes of
Some type of equality
Taking up extra space
Using their time
Enslaved by the system
When all they wanted
Was to thrive
The American life

To the hustlers
On the block
The strippers at the spot
The illegal grinds
That constantly diminish
Your body and mind
But pumps your pockets
With I hope enough
To gain determination
To have ambition
To get out one day
And defeat the struggle
The American life

To the brothas intertwined
In the fight against the man
In hopes to unite justice
The college student continuing to do
Even against all odds
The corporate
America Survivor
To the 9 to 5 divers
Swimming in trenches
Of corruption
Just in hopes of making it
In this world
The American life

For a single parent
Trying to pay the bills
Changing granny’s name to momma
Cuz kids only know what they see
Only learn what they
Parents feed
When all that is real
Breaking a sweat
To get by in
The American life

For the givers
The donators
The doers
The leaders
Who follow paths
To the know alls
Trying to maintain structure
The golden pot
The kings
The gods
Princes wifing dimes
To live out a fantasy
Of independent grinds
Of making it alone
But still stuck
In poverty
The hood
A borough that aint never gonna change
Cuz all else hasn’t
So the struggle
The fantasy
Still remains
Trying to live
The American life

This is for the fallen
Remembrance for those
Who have fought the battle
And lost it
To time
Let us pour one for those
Whose bodies survived as examples
Repeatedly depicting the
Reality of lack to overcome
Crime Money
The system
The fight still rages against Corruption
For the slain
The sick
And the lost Fighting hard with
That strong desire to end our struggle
This bull shit American life
Let me end this
Wit a trophy
For us
(Fuck them)
For our people
Who are dying to live
But struggling in the fight
For those who aint scarred
Of the truth
The 5% who understand
Those who appreciate our roots
Them dudes who know what we all need to do
Let us stand up for them
Raise our fist for them
Cuz with out their hope and dedication
No one could make it through!!
Fuck this American life