Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let Her Shine: Happy Born Day Sis: aka BlackPosImage

this is dedicated to a strong influence in my life. she helps keep me grounded in every area. i love her so much!!!! its unbelievable the bond we have.thank you for every unsaid word, expressed emotion, and laugh. enjoy your birthday sis (brittney greene aka miss

I was born alone. Stuck between two males chromosomes. Raging lion and bull. I met she. Familiar face, free spirit, beautiful smile. The epitome of a solar connection. With each breathe I can feel our energy connected. Consumed by the stars, and elevated by the sunshine. We are equally divine. Having been birthed 10 days apart, riding waves, separated for years, to grow alone... only to create powerful beauty together. She is my brothers best friend. The other end of the Ocean waves. An Eclipse of knowledge surpassing moons of ignorance. Knowledge bearer. Spoon feeding intelligence with desire, love, and hope. A magnificent spirit. Pushing reality to the bounds on the world, and redefining what real is. The new mold that doesn’t stay concrete. She is my friend. Finishing expressions with emotions, and hugging my intellect. We collide to create a masterpiece. And today is her day! Our month of movements, motionless, walking life without fear, speechless yet each word falls eloquently to the page. She is a writer, just like me. A warrior, staggering to maintain never losing foundation, she is a pillar of love. Its number one advocate. My sister. Never birth from stones far apart, we are connected. Even through silence. My soul sistah.

Happy earth day sis! Love you.

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