Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oak Tree

Surrounded by so much life
Each angle falling closer to earth
The color of my skin
Some see death
I find beauty in your nakedness
Strength in each long out stretch
You branches hung my soul
Calling me closer
Silently I can hear your whispers
Imagine the stories you have hidden
The history between your circles
Years of agony,dreams,love,and change
Cycles of life
Seasonal aspirations
Sitting under you
You are mother earth reincarnated in many
Love is in the air
Flowers blooming inside each of us
And the wind chimming in my ear
You stand alone
Seeing past
The winter's snow
Cold blankets of fear and despair
Who are you but alone
Filled with rich beauty
Through all
Who will listen to your story...
Oak tree.
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