Monday, February 22, 2010


flashback piece>>>>


Increasing self determination, esteemed sustained effort to achieve instant, immediate gratification

Knowing that my destination is controlled by my destiny to maintain motivation to accomplish such

Wishing the levels of passion inside could equate, multiply, transform to a beautiful butterfly, catalyst roaming the sky

Keeping a piece of mind within all chaos; through natural disasters Of generational curses who stalk my success, And rape my confidence To be president of my life

Trying to maintain my composure, limiting my physical interactions to mental stipulations on my own territory. But I am fighting my inability.

Attempting to regain notoriety within me to not allow compliancy, coercion, And instead win the chess game.

Increasing my stipulation to levels of the past seems difficult after cold knights, lonely nights, bookless- stuck between each space, holding my pen with nothing to say- wishing my block would erase. To let out these another world I will escape, and slowly I rise.

gliding.... I let my heart control this ink... while only my mind guides my eyes, moving faster than recognition, mental cooperation, not knowing what’s next only what’s within my imagination, a land of simplistic perfection of complex beauties achieving impossible gratification... freedom!

Freedom... one which I can only give myself. As I am trapped I the perpendiculars of society. Aim to see parallel in reality. But it deems less than desire. Yet I still expect it. Dream it. Holding fast to truth, honesty. Within MY civil system as my heart is the judge; and the court plays before me. Who is my jury....reflexion

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