Monday, April 26, 2010


Hour glass full of time
Slowly refilling each second
(Your still waters)

Silently you have managed to whisper nothings
I can feel your vibrations
the inhale and exhale of your soul

Slowly your existence has caused me to question
Each being that captivates
Every emotion that encompasses
My time
(You keep me purely satisfied)

Seductively you have supplied mental images
The should be's
I'm in so deep
(Digging my way in)

Pushed my fears beyond recognition
Loved me at my weak
Slowly we moved fast
(Steady,soothing, you calm me)

Self less, stories of could be's
Word play connected through destiny
Creation of love with each beginning
(You give me pieces of your soul to kiss)

A hour glass full of time
Drowning in wisdom
Swimming in honesty
Your existence is a blessing

Your thoughts finish mine
You leave me
Between movement and still
Balancing direction

Trying hard not to abuse
Kinectic energy
Your hour glass
Your love
Your existence.

I am learning how to love
Your energy
Your hour glass
Your existence

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