Wednesday, April 7, 2010

self indulgence

So I am blogging daily. Attempting is better than not. Run with me …
Self indulgence….
#1: Ankh: as I started to explore my self.. I found beauty in Egyptian mythology, gods/goddess and their existence and being. My first tat came it was 18… an Ankh on my wrist. Signifying life... I purposely placed it over my veins.
#2. Sankofa Bird: I really wanted this huge lavish colorful Sankofa swan on my back... but I opted for something a little smaller and stronger in presence. Placed on the nape of my neck for strength. Often confused as a chicken, I laugh at peoples lack of knowledge in its power. Sankofa: remembering from the past in order to get through the future. Gotta love our past knowledge! Gotta love the wealth of the mind to move forward, prepare and plan!
#3: Eye of Ra/ Eye of Horus… Wedjat : Left is the Moon, Right the Sun. Story of the God Horus referred to often as a falcon. Symbolizing many things… broken down into six senses (thought being the sixth), the solar symbolism, an agent of action, protection of wrath. Place on each shoulder: For structure, guidance and coverage.
(Shout outs to Chris McAdoo at City of Ink….
#4 Freedom: freedom is scripted on my left forearm. I felt I need it placed where all could see. I ‘m often asked why freedom, or what does freedom mean to me??? – I got this tat for myself as well as others. *Freedom is limitless* Freedom is often overlook and underappreciated until snatched or jeopardized. This is my only tat that I have from NY. Same dude who has done all my brothers, so I def needed that inkage. I just hope that others not only question me and my freedom in every aspect but also there’s.
#5: Without Struggle, There’s No Success: I got three tats that day all by Melvin Todd at City of Ink ( in Atlanta. This message was split between my Achilles. Self Explanatory. On my ankles because we fail to realize the struggles we overcome are those that keep us grounded…
#6: Feather/Pen: Left Pointer finger… in hieroglyphics a feather represents wisdom, and truth. I am a poet. Let my feather guide my writing hand…

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