Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mind on Over drive

I love to think. I love to question everything in life. I really think I am going to start a blog full of questions.. But until then here are some from a conversation that has been ongoing these last few weeks.

What is life?
What is living vs existing?
Are we selfish beings?
Will we as humans ever be satisfied?
What is "enough"?
Do we give "possibility" enough credit? Is it Because we believe we can alter/control everything?
If life is about possibility and result, what separates them? Is it action? Initiative? Motivation?
What sparks us to act?
Where does instinct come from?
Is giving enough?
Do we always have to give for the sake of giving for giving to be meaningful?
is life just an example of quantum physics? Are we the experiment?
Think about how each action has an equal opposite reaction...
We are all bundles of energy, particles that keep the cycle going.. So our action is kinectic energy. (Via coreman2200)
What color is truth?
What does it mean to actually be happy or satisfied?
Is desire evil if its always continuous?
Would you be content with out the ability to smile?-If you inner being didn't match your outter being?

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