Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love as the Practice of Freedom

Bell Hooks--->Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations. A array of essays that explore a range of personal topics from femininity to Malcom X.

This essay I am posting this quote from is chapter 20, entitled: Love as the Practice of Freedom. Page 243.

In this she writes about exploring a love ethic in order to find balance and freedom in life. She compares how the love ethic was used for both MLK's urgency within the Civil Rights Movement, and Malcom's "by any means necessary" sentiments to promote self love as a priority to freedom. Overall, Bell Hooks concludes that we must all look beyond our own circumstances and assume responsibility for change in this world. From this we must all reflect, grow, explore, expand, think, collab, and really find meaning in community.

The following speaks on the importance of service and how we must combine both compassion and insight... which is explored by Joanna Macy...

"You have to have compassion because it gives you the juice, the power, the passion to move. When you open to the pain of the world you move, you act. But that weapon is not enough. It can burn you out, so you need the other- you need insight into the radical interdependence of all phenomena. With that wisdom you know that is not a battle between good guys and bad guys, but that the line between good and evil runs through the landscape of every human heart. With insight into our profound interrelatedness, you know that actions undertaken with pure intent have repercussions throughout the web of life, beyond what you can measure or discern."

Please read this quote a few times. Let these sentiments marinade.....

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