Monday, April 19, 2010


I rarely watch any television. But when I am watching I have a classic list of shows that pick my brain.

House, 24, CSI (all of them: NY is okay..), Law &Order (all), Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, The Mentalist, Intervention, First 48, and Hoarders.

Now many of these shows have similar themes. Over the last ten years I always had this goal of being the Crime Scene Investigator, or the coroner performing autopsies. You are probably thinking " Eeeeww, Dead people! " Yes, dead people. I think its all so fascinating. The combination of practicality and science, how real world actions influence our bodies reactions, thus creating signs in our autopsies. Amazing.

I seem to get so wrapped up in many things. I have a list of "jobs" that don't match, that I have always wanted to just be certified in : just because. Cosmetology, Physical Therapy, Forensic Science, Teaching, Writing, etc. Maybe one day I will just do it all....

What's your list of odd jobs?
What's your "weird" thing?
What show's too your fancy???

And most importantly: what does this all say about me? About you?

Now back to House, as I get amped for the next episode of 24... (Last season: Tear,Tear).

And yes, if you can't relate, its okay, neither do most of my friends. :-)

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