Sunday, April 11, 2010

photography of my dreams

Image captured. Blurred to perfection. My life two folds. Camera lens focused. Zoom in on passion, determined to capture my purpose. Mixed composition. Background: my challenges, obstacles, achievements, distractions, and external elements that make life stand out. Lurking in the foreground: focus, beauties, bold lessons, goals, and desires. Dreams that over stand reality, creating a perfect image. Life captured in a perfect frame of time. Seconds halted within beauty and desire. The fourth dimension magnified to its purest form, a silent image of truth. I refuse t merge background with foreground. Without the constant reflection, the depth, and imagery, beauty with be still. Left in small attempts and front image focus of self. All is necessary to see life in the blink of an eye, through the frame and lens of love. Two folds. Reality, and idealism. Slightly merging into a desire of need for completion. The fourth dimension. Life. Time.