Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eat or Be Eaten?

Eat or Be Eaten?
Rob or be Robbed?

What is it that stands us apart from one another? I ask earlier what's our strongest evil that exists? My brother Ron (twitter: reno_lamont ) suggested that the pure ideal of distinctions, separations, categories and "unity" is our evil. That individualism is looked at as being against unity.

And what does this have any thing to do with my questions. Well really nothing. But if we think about our strongest evil, I tend to think it can also be our strongest greatness! But where does the distinction in that lie!?

Well.... Of course most of us would rather eat than be eaten, and rob rather than be robbed. But. Would you ever allow the other option if it depended on someone's life??

Are you willing to sacrifice your "individualized" motives and darwinistic mentality to be eaten and robbed??Can we turn misfortune into hope??

And yes this may have nothing to do with literally meanings....but since when do we ever stay on the surface with conversations.
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