Tuesday, April 6, 2010

mental hugs goodbye

Dreams dangled by mental hugs and kisses good bye
If only I hung on to you tighter
Held you closer to my intellect
Capture your scent next to my faith
If only I could hear your first cry alongside hope
But instead I lynched your spirit
Before you could breathe
God's fresh air
I muffled your breath
Kept you hidden
Beneath every fear and worry
I buried you six inches deep into goodbye
I thru you farther from grace
Than any home run could have ever done
Attempting to be whole without you
Yet only forever becoming hollow
I left you 2 die
Before you could live
Sucked your imagination from becoming extraordinary
I extracted your dreams
In order to satisfy mine
Left you still
Stuck between real and reality
You were gone
Before beginning
And now I realize
I missed you
The possibility attached to your name
The love
We could have made
Now I care
Wonder what it would have been like
If I didn't accept less as better
And allow mental hugs to turn you away.
I wonder how it would be
If you lived.

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