Tuesday, January 19, 2010



snippets #1-5
its funny how the color
changed with this weeks emotions
what a coincidence
(its funny) because
Maybe I should start using pencil

I wonder if all my windows are closed
To the sun shining
I cant see if I have pulled up the shades
Twisted the blinds
I don’t know if my room is ready for such light
For his light to shine.
His love

Attempts to capture the good in all people
I loose site of myself
Aiming to please those important
I loose focus on myself
Turn my dreams into theirs
I loose site of my life
No more
I have just bought glasses

When things get blurry
I have a habit of washing my face
Instead of douching my eyes
Opening my pores for no support
And cleansing myself of those who love me
All because a battle alone seems easier
so bright, so strong
so determined
too nice, too strange too foreign
what I need, may not want
but its working
hugs and kisses, gentle connections
I miss him
Its working

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