Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a men

I come to you in question
In theory
In practice
Wishing for clarification
Hoping for understanding
Needing balance
How do I give
All to you
How do I let go
And when blessings come How do I know
That line between
And lust.
How do I not confuse love with lusting more?
Desire with greed?
Where do I find balance?
In the simplest form
Lead me to clarity.
And stregthen me to trust my internal desires and convictions.
Knowing my inner guide is you.
Leading my journey
Stumbling,yet I walk
Arriving late, though I make my desitnation.
Time does not detour me.
Connect my desires with your lead.
Calm me.
Be my sight.
While I be of you.
How do I give in
Without being weak?
Where does the line
Between vulnerability and strength meet?

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