Saturday, January 16, 2010

needing inspiration...

• I am poem
• Be poem
• Who are you?
• What does tomorrow mean to you?
• Your thoughts:
o In 4 lines
o One sentences
o 3 words
o Kwansaba: 7 lines, 7 words, with 7 letters or less per word
• Definition, Expression, Meaning… Exploration:
o Love, Likes, Family, Friends, Happiness, Sadness, Success, Dreams, Justice, Freedom, Goals, Future., Past, Present, NOW, Music, Pride, Prejudice, Racism, Peace, Education, Knowledge, Short Comings, Improvements, Unity, Glory, God, Power, respect, Service, Community, Senses, Wisdom, Truth, History, Faith, Hope, Passion, Pleasure, Lineage….
• Current Events
• How do you prepare for change?
• What is stronger than strength?
• Passion vs. Pleasure
• The natural elements
• What is worst, judgment or fear?
• Letter to God/ Mankind
• Culture
• Remake Song/Song inspired…
• The rose that grew from the concrete
• Misunderstood
• Tattooed under you eyelids…

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