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First Guest Showcase/Highlight.... Coreman2200

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A magnificent piece of space and time. Occupying energy... Exploring and maneuvering through life’s assumptions and apprehensions. He is a master of thoughts. Invitation extended through mutual contact, we connected so eloquently. Raw to Raw, as real became jokes, mental stimulation, and laughs filled with interest for more. And until recently I lived on earth. But He has managed to take me to Jupiter. Expanding my perspective on how gamma rays, energy particles, and physics is a metaphor for life. I am still circling moons… you should travel with me…

Fearful Of Seeing Self In Judgment
..And so, again, it begins.

One can easily imagine that he who judges knows too well his own face in mirrors.
However, it seems quite the contrary - the judge appears to be more aware of
the mirror, and that surface's property than the validity and actuality of what it reflects
More inclined to disregard the depth of whom he opines
as though the face of his subject grow more tangible if so simplified and so flattened; heartless.
The mimetic lifeless visage merely a montage of faults, nicks and scars..
Not the truest grooves he inwardly sees in self, not the mountainous terrain he traverses within...
Nor the well of reflection that lies Behind his eyes.. Nor the fathomless pain beneath his skin.
The cold touch of the mirror's glass only affirms his stance, and in turn by happenstance
he who stares back to see no such humanity in the eyes that judge him
too only finds validity in his impression of soulless reflective glass..

...And so, again, it begins.

Indeed… make sure you read this over and over.. until the feeling, the emotion, the action itself sits in your soul.. That fear of seeing self …. Lies in the judgment we run from… and who are we... but a reflection of the evils we retreat, and pride in. who are we yet only the person who can change self. It is so easier to let others determine and alter yourself.. yet in the end.. the reflection lies.. with the face seeking the image.. self. Examine yourself, and ask yourself this... what is it that’s holding you back? Fear? Judgment? Or the mirror image?

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