Saturday, January 16, 2010

guest showcase

Someone said “The best writers are the best readers.” Words are powerful. They have the ability to capture emotion, put time into each frame of second, explore the realms of other worlds, and explain this one. Words are what people take for granted, what often times can be the simplest form of expression, or maybe the most complicated. But we give and take this power. For we can control how these words hurt, harm, heal, and honor. And so we forget this.

Writer’s block hit my last year harder than ever. My words no longer eloquently dripped from each finger. Gliding across the page, documenting each move, each expression, each memory. The lost of such has given me new insight and appreciation. Helping me become… a better reader.

And so I open my blog up to highlight, showcase, and recognize others writings. Here are the details…

I will do a bi-monthly feature/guest showcase. It will be one person/one group. I will give a review or my personal comments on the writer and the piece. Any background details, or links to personal webpage, or blog need to be sent prior to my post.

If you are interested: Send no more than 5 pieces to: I will read, reply, and pick one to post. It can be any form, structure, or format. The length should not exceed the necessary depth of the piece. Meaning: Please keep it to a length that you would pay attention to and defer from.

I look forward to reading how words can be manipulated, used, abused, and glorified in order to magnify another meaning…More information about the specific dates/deadlines for each month will be posted soon...



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