Saturday, January 16, 2010

He touched my soul. And I cant let go. Constantly comparing moments with time. Prejudging individuals off the mold in my mind. And yes, he did touch me that deep. Had my thought surrounding his existence . problems, expression, solutions, I was thinking. Pulled in by his silence. Yet kept by his conviction. And now left with him lost, yet still with this addiction. Seconds traveled through elevation, I mourn his lost in my life, but he is still living. Powerful being. Life taught lessons so bad, he wants it to stop teaching. Drop out on experience. Because it was him bleeding. Bending and feeling. And all I could do was love. Stuck ,paralyzed by how he’s been treated, unknown words for the completing, only knowing what he speaks is what he is living. And then silence. The void of pain, hijacking reality kept me silent, in thought. Without words. Just gestures. But with love. And he touched me. Just his endurance through life impressed me. Could have never spoke or connected, but imprints would have still pierced me. Took the child out of me and brought back the innocence. Had me smiling when I felt weak. at my peaks. Tender affection. Could feel the state and friction. Frightened by escape and trapped by affection. And finally finding someone who didn’t care, but actually mattered. Gentle impressions of stride that spent more than seconds covered me. He impressed me with his simplicity yet changed me. Scattered love through spectrums of dreams tilted by life’s default and inflexible mold. Guilt ridden by failed aspirations and family death written into existence. He tumbled. He fell. He stayed down, sucked into black. Crawling. ground… yet lived. And slowly he is rising. Yet living. He changed me. In ways my words can’t come to be. Comparing intellect, and ability. Powerless sometimes. But strong through all. Manifesto power horse. Raging machine, inside. Yet his outlet keeps catching fire. At the Wrong time. Regardless his sparks still burnt my soul.

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