Monday, January 11, 2010


Strangers, we met, forever connected: us.
Stubborn, I met judgement with you
A decision to collide with you.
Standing face to face with satisfaction
Beauty, your soul is a blessing
I watched the stars with you
Sat, walked the clouds with you
Talked to god through your greatness
Closed my eyes, to see possibility
Opened my heart, found endless beauty
Mind traveled roads, all circling you
Stuck in reality, leaving with you
You redefined my smile, to include you
Warm my soul, without your touch
Innocent mental combat, I battle you
Met my match, I balance you
Moving my lips, forever thanking you
Hidden treasure, your always on time
Six word stories documenting our lives
Cherish every minute shared with you
Sudden death of fear inside
Found strength from loving you
Opened, shared, explored our worlds together
Reflection, what I've been running from
All I have found in you
Reminder: faith should always move steady
True noursihment comes with letting go
I smile from thoughts of you
Asked to remain loyal to acts
Promise to be honest with you
My actions backing as mouth moves
Wordsplay not just me writing you
Adding propane to the fire, fiery
Ignite love, find peace, keep truth
A richness , its more than you
Hope our souls explore galaxies together
More than physical desires of you
Love me from afar, stay tru
I just want to keep you
So much richer from experiencing you
Finding the line between
Vulnerability and strength
The love and god in you.
A blessing, I have found in you.
Thank you.

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