Monday, September 20, 2010

“Unapproachable Woman”

“Unapproachable Woman”

They say I'm unapproachable.
They say I need to smile more.
They tell me my success is intimidating.
They say I need to learn how to submit.
They remind me that I am a NY chick not a Southern Belle.
They say I'm too intellectual.
They tell me I should get out more.
They are offended by my loyalty to the truth.

They tell me I'm unapproachable. Such an unsettling comment to make to a woman, as if to imply that I intend to be seen this way. I've been told this since I could remember. For the longest, it never bothered me. My “Innocence” and my “I Don’t Give A Fuck” attitude towards other people's perception, never allowed me to fully process the statement. However, as I fully begin to digest my abilities as a woman, my responsibilities and priorities, when it comes to being successful for myself, and simply questioning the questions, I start to wonder whether or not this notion of being “Unapproachable” is valid, and if so then what. So let's dip into few reasons I've explored with several men in my life on this topic, as well as my truths.

The basis of this conversation is not on whether or not a woman (or me) can keep a man around, I'm not even worried about that part. It simply is the issue of the initial reaction, interaction, conversation that is the deciding factor for something to turn into “Lets Talk Later, Call Me, or Can We Go Out . . . etc.” However, these factors still play a role after the initial meeting as well. They can either dictate the movement, pace, or connection between two individuals especially if one allows such to occur.

A preview:

#1: Men want to be welcomed/invited (will be posted later today!)

#2: What can you do for me syndrome

#3: Let's play house

#4:Too Analytical

#5: You can't handle the truth

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