Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Without Desire

Separating yourself from humanity is a tricky topic. Should it even be done? Can man survive without human interaction. Companionship, friendship, partnership, trade, intimacy, superiority, who will one compete against if there is no one else around?? Can Darwinism exist fully if man has no competitor?

I wonder if the monks crave for companionship? Is the purpose of their existence to simply appreciate the present....and if they do crave or have desire: then what? Is it an internal signal for prayer, meditation, reflection, re evaluation, or simply a human characteristic that should not be fought. Can we fight our urges?

Is the emotion of desire the downfall of us as a people? Are we craving too many of the wrong things? What are the wrong things? Do we reach for external more than do we cure ourselves of this itch! Or do we except it as is? Is it even curable or merely "negative" at all?

Some people interchange need with please, chasing greed, off that burning fire. But what is life like without desire? Does it exist at all? Even in the simplest forms want is human nature.. Or have we just told ourselves such so many times?
I cannot have favorites without cravings, picking out an outfit for context and emotion, or doing something to get attention.

What if we all just went with the flow of things. But what is the flow of things? What does it really mean? Would I just wear the first thing I see, eat the first piece of meat, or just do according to what happens next?

What happens to those misunderstood and special by default. Those with abilities that didn't come from desire. The people who's profound abilities still survived the realm of individualism. Being alone has never cost an artist his work, for simply it has increased their craft. Sometimes we have remarkable abilities we never asked for or desired,yet everyone expects us to utilize. What of the moments we don't ask do they equate to those we make on mental wish lists to gods?

How can all our daily actions change at the same time? What will the world become? What is change without desire, where does the spark of motivation come from? When we nurture our crafts and let things flow naturally. What happens then? Will art be forever seen in a different light without desire for selfish perception. All things would then be beautiful then, correct?

Where do you find balance....if the scale is yourself? Weighing your mental process on the options of today being a forever than never stops. If we all just went with the wind... Everyday would be a new experience. Are we simply to afraid to let go? And fly? Or has desire and lust reeled us in....

My homie Cory...aka @Coreman2200 responded to these questions with a blog post of his own... please read and embrace the concept of thought...

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  1. Their is nothing wrong with desire. It's when desire becomes self centered and motivated by greed when it becomes a prblm. Meditation and selfevaluation is supposed to be part of our daily live, but it isn't supposed to be our existence. We can have desire, and be motivated to do all the right things under Gods will. We just have to walk the fine line between selfless and being selfish.