Monday, September 20, 2010

unapproachable #1

#1: Men want to be welcomed/invited:

They tell me I don’t smile enough. I have that NY Mean Mug (sometimes). They tell me I am not Southern enough; whatever that means. And all of this may be true . . . but my smiles are earned. My resting face is different from others, if that is a “Straight Face” compared to a smile, then one should accept that. Does one actually realize how many muscles it takes to smile, and yes it may take less to smile than to frown . . . but who really walks around frowning all day! And if I walked around with a huge smile on my face all the time then people will wonder why the hell I am smiling, especially those who may not have anything to smile about and those who know this is not me/my style. I refuse to fake to attract a man who is not willing to work to put a smile on my face. A cute remark, a smart comment, a comeback, a wink, a hug, a beautiful scent gliding across my nose, pretty teeth, eye contact, intelligence, poise . . . those are the small things that birth grins, smiles, smirks, and cute laughs. Not for attention, but simply based on genuine emotions/desires.

Since when has it been possible to be a afraid of thrills, temptation, and the misunderstood? We find ourselves chasing the unknown in other areas of our lives, yet expect things to be much easier/simpler when it comes to human interactions.

We all know that when one doesn't fully earn the things they receive/have, they do not always appreciate them in the same light. This theory applies to everything . . . it is so easy to take existence for granted, smiles for granted, getting to know someone for granted:

Why not earn it all?

Or are we just to lazy as humans to conceptualize or process the thought of earning “Life” and not expecting too much of the same things from everyone?


  1. you speak the truth sistah. unfortunately society has watered down the friendship/relationship experience and limited it only to grins and sexual favors. i, like you, desire, deserve, expect, and demand so much more.

  2. My guess is that people Expect certain things from those around them, and if you don't just readily fall into said expectations they're apt to judge you for it. I don't know if its a matter of the ego being shot, or just people being too lazy to put in the effort (or letting their imaginations turn them away from the 'challenge'). You can only ever simultaneously be you And comfortable enough to be Naturally appealing. And for people to know off the bat that they can't anticipate positive returns by coming at you Any ol kinda way is Probably a really good thing lol.

  3. Fuck I can't stand that even my comments are unnecessarily long-winded.. lmao My apologies :) Mucho Love to you, dear heart.

    Oh, and Smile mu'fucka. I'm thinking about ya ha

  4. love u cory!!! esp your long winded comment!