Monday, August 23, 2010

Spider Web of Seconds

With every letter I store our thoughts into file cabinets.
Mental notes of to do lists and accomplishments
Mutual exchange of silence through noise
My soul is speaking tongues.
You say everything with the blink of an eye.
Yet merely nothing with the lick of your lips.
Mute. We. Us.
Your presence echoes more.
My senses are on alarm.
Goose bumps from the inside out.
Let me learn you.
Store you next to favorites.
Name starred with asterisks.
Keep you book marked, close to nothings but everythings.
The overlapping crossing point of infinity,
Or simply the space between.
Simplicity of you next to me. still.
I have created a folder for my poems
I have yet to write bout you.
Little do you know.
Karma encrypted.
A treasure chest.
Pierced by memories
Yet lived.
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