Sunday, August 1, 2010


A Jerome Dickens & Joski Diesel Collaboration

I want sum strawberries
I want more sleep
‎​I want an endless supply of paper
‎​I want some smothered chicken
‎​I want some fish with grits
I want to be held after I come home from work
‎​I want to come home from work
‎​I want to be a man, not who you want me to be, but my own man.
‎​I just want to be
‎​I want to be your friend, but don't take my kindness for a weakness
‎​I want to turn my back on ignorance
‎​I want to be heard, read, and felt
‎​I want to be understood, for who I am!
‎​I just want to be who I am
‎​I want to slap someone
I want to love someone.
‎​I want to love again
‎​I want to see my brothers again, outside of bars
I want freedom to exist where we all are
‎​I just want to be me again, not the person everyone is saying I was
‎​I want my past to teach others a lesson
‎I just want to teach
​I want to be left alone, sometimes
‎​I want a fresh bagel
‎​I want to stop leaving folks sometimes
‎​I want a New York bagel in Georgia
‎​I want Georgia red clay in New York
‎​I want to live
‎​I want to write and be right, isn't that right
‎​I want to be outside
‎​But I want to look around and be surrounded by those who look like me for once in 6 weeks
I want meditation quotes tatted on my back
‎​I want a massage!
‎​I want people to stop asking me how many tattoos I have, yet I want them to see the message!
‎​I want to massage your temples. Every inch is a worship center!
‎​I want to know I am equivalent to nothing that's ever existed before.
‎​I want a real family.
‎​I want to know - what is a real family?
I want my needs.
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