Monday, August 23, 2010


You're a chameleon

Manipulating space within time

Creating infinities out of nothing

The never ending cycle of continuum

A symbol on consistency in raw form

The existence of a beginning that once was the last of something

Union of polar opposites that highlight both greatness and failure within shadows and spotlights

The circular motion of the washer machine and how it doesn't measure correctly with the volume of the matching dryer

I now must dry two loads of alphabets. Tumble low,for fear of ripping apart phrases, egos, and pride.

A paradox of two same things, that look different depending on the angle of light. Perception never exists without secret vision.

We all are super heroes for saving substance. Putting logic and knowledge to work. If only we realized this more.

Are words wouldn't be so jumbled within our emotions. And our lifestyles would match our diction.

Poetry is just something that exist outside of every rule and equation. A formula of freedom design for creation.

It simply starts from strokes of within.
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