Thursday, March 11, 2010

What happened to community?

What happened to community. I keep asking myself who is to blame for unruly students, selfish educators, and political agendas within the education system. I keep asking myself is it the level of creativity, intuition, inspiration, or motivation that makes good great. Or simply are we all starting at the same place?

What happened to community? When. Responsibility is a joint factor between accountability and self action. Where is the missing link between what and why? That we miss to ask ourselves and others.

What happened to our community? Our sense of wholeness, unified for a common purpose, pushing for self love, self worth, self exploration, pushing for rights to be ourselves. We have become lost in the ideals floating between images and reality. Drowning in the could be.

Shouldn't a school be a tight unit, comprised of people who care. Shouldn't it be that easy. That when a child misses the buss a teacher takes them home if necessary. Or stays until their ride comes. When does the responsibility meet accountability with self action?

Why are we hanging ourselves by our own nooses? What happened to our communities???

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