Monday, March 1, 2010

The death of us all

Is death the master of us all? Physical embellishments of intangible traits. Controlling the end of our imagination and existence.

Is death the master of us all?
If the physical is our means of existing, are we not always living a revolving door of images? Are we truly as smart as we think? Not really realizing an end,before our beginnings.

Is death the master of us all? Striking whips of memories into action. refusing to live past them. when relevance seems the prime motive. what is snatched but a glimpse. soul floating,they still living?

Does death keep us moving? Panting,breathing. Looking forward,without cause and reason. When does the drive kick in, since we know we are all leaving. Does existence entitle us instinct and reason? Is death the master of us all?

A template and spark for creation. Fueling impulse and inspiration. Motivate reckless and responsibility. Provoking thought and legacy. Is death our master in disguise? Purpelling our people to actually use life,not live and die....

Is the death of us all,our master? Are they waiting, sitting plotting our demise. For each of us to finish. Slowly wishing hope and faith would be sucked from within. And praying we really don't see past just these physical images. That freedom lies in the power to believe in it.

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