Monday, March 15, 2010


A cycle of bigotry.
Stepping into quick sand.
Securing safety.
From self harm.
Craving refuge in your healing,
yet pardon from your worries.

As blind as love is,
She keeps seeing us.
Held Captive by her reign.
Seeking stubborn separations
When strength is to much
for the ill hearted.
Imagining a life before you.
When joy didn't seem so blissful.
And the wind didn't remind me of your flowing spirit.

Yet I am tied to your lies,
Just like I hang from your truths.
Salvaging each word
To be meant for only me.
The savor of your sweet essence,
Only lasted seconds on my pallet
And yet I am hungry for departure.

Wishing I never laid my eyes on your glory.
Experienced unity by definition
Not example.
You have lied to me.
Told me you were worthy.
And I believed you.
Now I just linger on each possibility
That my lens was blurred
From the start.

1 comment:

  1. This is really beautiful and deep. It seems to be speaking of someone that you loved and trusted, but they had ulterior motives from the beginning of your relationship. ihope that has you continue to love urself someone will love you so true.