Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Book I Read

The Diving Bell and Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

A poetic and frank memoir of all sorts. Bauby suffered a stroke in 1995 that left him completely paralyzed. The only movement he could do was blink and sometimes move his head. After waking up from a month long coma, Bauby explores what its like to live his "new" life. As he travels to a place of freedom of the conscience more so now than the body. He writes about the food he misses, the joy and sadness of fathers day, the scene in Paris, the orderlies in the hospital, his countless vacations as his mind drifts to other places. He explains how he wrote the book by using the french alphabet according to frequency, and blinking when it was the correct letter. The book was published just two days before his death.

I found this book to serve as a reminder for me to appreciate the tiny things a lot more than I do. The mere essence of creating such a upfront and poetically descriptive work through the movement of one's eye lash is remarkable.

If you need help refocusing or tunnelling in on those things you make take for granted, please pick up this book. It was a great, smooth, and short read that can easily be completed in a few hours, but leave a lasting affect.
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