Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gibberish IV

‎​You must understand how in love I am with expression
‎​Even some of the cruelest, most evil, things when sometimes aren't appropriate, still cannot be placed in containment
‎​We must always learn to express ourselves,
the letters are only useful when they unite
‎​The words only make sense when they fellowship
‎​The sentences only have weight if I place them on a scale
‎​I can never truly hate some one for speaking,
for I word rather them be honest, then mute and
untrue To themselves and others- that's more harmful!
‎​I like all the facts,the emotions, emoticons, the phrases, punctuations, show me your colors,
let them shine and blend-
I would rather see your truths
and love u for them-
then to hate you for your lies
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