Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We lived
You loved
I cared
We Shared
Time connected through eternal greatness
We created
Built a comfort space within our souls to take vacations
We were
Perfect. Almost to much alike.
Enjoyed each others faults as greatness.

Yet we lived.
You love.
I cared.
We Shared
We Became.
Joined by intertwined stress and dreams.
We bridged a fantasy together of all our defeats to leave behind.
Our new beginning lied in our hearts, first. then our minds.
We were in love with loving each other.

Buts its crazy how life hits.
And you just live.
You love.
I cared.
And we bonded.
Became so close departure left sores on my soul.
Split our separate ways,
My deception ruined your goals
And the love never remained the same.
Truth is...
I cared.
But life

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